SUPPLIES:      Students need to bring a notebook, pencil or pen and calculator to class each day.

                         (Please bring a calculator every day if you have one)


ABSENCE:        Students are responsible for all work missed during an absence.

 If a student misses class work because of a legal absence, s/he will be given time, equal to the time missed, to make up any work (Within two days of a legal absence, I must receive a “parent signed” absence note)


HOMEWORK:             There will be written homework assignments.

Students will be afforded redo opportunities on assignments/assessments based upon the overall class performance on those assignments/assessments, but individual students may discuss the possibility of a redo with his/her teacher.  

LAB WORK:        We will work in lab and must submit a signed safety contract before he/she may perform labs.

Lab write-up due dates will be assigned by the teacher during each lab.
Labs missed for a legal absence can be made-up within one week of the original lab.
See the teacher to set up a lab make-up date.


LAB SAFETY:     Student safety is my first priority!!! Inappropriate behavior (including failure to                                                     wear goggles properly) in lab will result in removal from the lab area and a grade of                                         zero for the lab.


LATENESS:          Students must be in class, seated and ready to work when the bell rings.

                              If a student is late to class
                                 1st time:  verbal warning

2nd time: detention and parent contact

3rd time: PBIS coordinator and parent contact

                                 4th time: PBIS coordinator and parent contact

                                 5th and beyond: office referral

Students must be punctual. We have a lot of material to cover during the semester and we need to begin on time every day.


CONDUCT:      I expect students to be respectful of me and the other students in the class.

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